Would mickey mouse eat shark s fin soup case study analysis

Decide which types of demographic data and psychographic information would be most helpful to the organization as they create their plan. Therefore, HKDL also need further improvement in these areas in terms of cultural adaptation process.

Would Mickey Mouse Eat Shark’s Fin Soup?

Hence, consumer behavior shifts to cheaper brands and concentrates more on products that have promotions and discounts. What areas, in terms of cultural adaptation, still need further improvement? If it was indeed to serve as a prototype for another Disneyland in China, it would be critical for the management of Hong Kong Disneyland to come up with a recovery plan and realign its strategy to improve its image, boost attendance and deliver its revenue target.

Discuss how is each function of the organization is related to each other. Others are demanding a solution to the growing epidemic.

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As long as people are jobless, they tend to cut on all the unnecessary purchases and spend their income on basic needs.

Auspicious dates were picked for the commencement and completion of each building on the property, lucky numbers like 8 abound the main ballroom at one of the hotels is square feet largeand unlucky ones like 4 which sounds like the word death in Cantonese and Mandarin do not appear at all on lift buttons.

Doris Ho Disney has gone to great lengths to make the Hong Kong Park culturally sensitive to the Hong Kong population and attractive to Chinese visitors.

However, the unemployment rate surged to six percent within two years after There are so many incidents that proving that HKDL service is not as expected by the visitors for number of reason. But rather than reducing the daily capacity limits, HKD proposed other measures, such as extending the opening time by an hour and encouraging visits during weekdays by offering discounts which are the key issues Disney in China should overcome.

Wolf says the future of Disney in China is based on three factors. The planned theme park in Shanghai looks to address specific needs of the China market and has the potential to be a big hit. Beside this, they should have policies and mechanism in place to handle the overwhelming crowd during holydays and weekends.

This case can be used to explore what could be done to enhance the smooth delivery of the American fantasy in the alien culture of the Middle Kingdom. In order to return the magic back to Disney in Chinese Market, it has to add in more effort from management. Understanding consumer psychology is important in marketing because it helps to determine how a company will market its products and services.

So, whenever a person is helped and co-operation by others. The growth in unemployment, increase in inflation, freezing, and reduction of wages has led to a decrease in purchasing power of various potential consumers.

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Red is an extremely lucky color in Chinese culture, so it is seen frequently throughout the park, especially on the buildings on Main Street, USA.

No clocks are sold at the stores in Hong Kong Disneyland because in Chinese the phrase "giving clock" sounds like "going to a funeral. Large rocks are placed throughout Hong Kong Disneyland Park because they represent stability in Chinese culture. Shark fin soup is when fishermen capture sharks, rip their fins off, and throw them back into the ocean to die.

According to Jason Cochran, even before the economic turmoil, Hong Kong Disneyland drew a third of its visitors from Mainland China plus a third from abroad, and a third from Hong Kong itself. As mentioned in the case Chinese consumers wanted to connect with the global popular culture and distance themselves from their previous collective poverty and communist dictate.

Moreover, Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the world largest entrainment businesses of the world. A world without imagination is like a world with nothing but… Iphone Marketing strategy Since its launch, inand until the end ofApple sold million iPhones.

In Septemberthe Hong Kong theme park announced it had missed its first year attendance target of 5. Therefore another challenge of the World Disney is that they are unable to attract visitors from the main land China as per their expectations.

There are two broad reasons why the Hong Kong Disney Land is advantageous in terms of Chinese context. Unlike its experience in many markets, Disney has only limited legal distribution of its media content to reinforce its brand.

Interesting enough, both the Hong Kong and Paris theme parks had its chief replaced in less than a few months after the park's opening, if these corporate moves were anything but indicative.• Case Two: Would Mickey Mouse Eat Shark's Fin Soup?

o Identify the lessons the Walt Disney Company® learned about consumer behavior and purchasing decisions at Hong Kong Disneyland®. o Explain global issues that may influence consumer behavior. Would Mickey Mouse Eat Shark’s Fin Soup?

What’s in Your Shark Fin Soup?

Walt Disney Company has had to deal with several lessons concerning the decisions on purchasing and consumer behavior with the Disney Company and its clients influence in the purchasing aspects.

The Walt Disney Company wants to include Shark Fin soup in its menu for the wedding reception menu. This a tradition of the Chinese.

MICKEY MOUSE, Walt Disney's most famous character, made his screen debut on November 18,as star of the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie. Since his debut, Mickey Mouse has become an international personality whose success laid the financial foundation upon which Walt Disney built his creative organization.

Would mickey mouse eat sharks fin soup Would mickey mouse eat sharks fin soup Prepare a 1, to 2,word case study analysis in which you evaluate the consumer behavior and purchasing decisions illustrated in both case studies or an equal length paper on Case Three only.

• Case Two: Would Mickey Mouse Eat Shark's Fin Soup? Case Two: Would Mickey Mouse Eat Shark’s Fin Soup? · Identify the lessons the Walt Disney Company® learned about consumer behavior and purchasing decisions at Hong Kong Disneyland®.

Case two – Would Mickey Mouse Eat Shark’s Fin Soup? Walt Disney and Disneyland have been symbolic with family and family values since For decades parents and children have trusted Disney to entertain its public with a very specific standard and ethic.

Would mickey mouse eat shark s fin soup case study analysis
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