Technological aspects to support ebusiness

QQI Level 5 eBusiness Studies – 5N1369

People are currently able to pay their bills, write and cash checks, trade stocks, take out loans, mortgage their homes and manage their assets online.

If your company produces its own items to sell, you must address the logistical issues regarding the development and manufacturing of your product just as any other business does. This site facilitates the transactions of selling used cars between consumers, but also contains an inventory of used cars to sell to the consumer.

The important point to be taken into account here is that e-business carries a fundamentally different way of doing business, instead of being just a new tool to fit into old methods. Commerce is the exchange of goods and services for other goods and services or for cash payment.

What makes it interesting and exciting is that as the platforms, the medium, the technologies, and the bandwidth change, we will also see a dramatic change in the way in which we approach commerce and the expectations that we have about it. When business inter-operation has achieved a kind of equilibrium, the technologies will surely expand.

QQI Level 5 eBusiness Studies – 5N1369

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the application and use of information and communications technologies to enable the learner to apply principles and practices of eBusiness technologies in a range of contexts.

One such innovative product is called application server. The demand for the security of intellectual property is helping drive the development of new technologies, such as digital signatures, digital certificates and digital steganography.

Summarise the technological aspects required to support eBusiness, to include the development of web architecture, data transmission, client or server architecture, delivery platforms and networks and Electronic Data Interchange 2. The most common example of a B2C application is a retail web site featuring the business's products or services that can be directly purchased by the consumer.

eBusiness Studies 5N1369

Portals linking consumers to online merchants, online shopping malls and auction sites provide several advantages. It makes our work easier and allows information instantly and conveniently accessible worldwide. B2C is highly beneficial for consumers as it gives them access to a world of stores instead of the stores in their neighborhood.

Electronic commerce, EC, e-commerce or eCommerce. Recommend online purchasing and procurement processes to include order tracking, shipping, logistics and inventory management to improve existing purchasing and procurement practices. There are two types of application servers: C2C applications involve consumers conducting commerce directly with other consumers.

As the research and development in e-commerce has brought a number of advancements in the quality of hardware and software, the process of reaching out to the people equally make rapid advancement. Trading sites allow one to research securities, buy, and sell and manage all of his investments from his desktop.

There are specific e-commerce solutions and tools being developed and marketed. A business which orders products from a supplier online not only completes the transaction with greater speed and convenience, but also can keep track of the shipment constantly. You may then move to a larger storage space as you become more successful.

A proper and successful strategy must be chalked out before embarking into this highly technology-oriented task. Auction sites act as forums through which Internet users can log-on and assume the role of either bidder or seller.

Functional Elements of an E-Business

Flows of information over international networks have created an electronic market-space of firms that are learning to exploit business opportunities.

Technologies that allow your customers to pay with ease are essential. Researchers can be made instantly aware of the latest technological breakthroughs worldwide. One of the simplest and most effective methods of advertising an e-business is by using pay-per-click advertisements on search engines.

In the past, most computer applications ran on stand-alone computers. Apply an eBusiness strategy to an existing organisation or process Vertical portals are more specific, offering a great deal of information pertaining to a single area of interest.An e-business is a business that carries out its operations primarily or exclusively through the Internet.

Most of the same basic functional elements of a successful conventional business also. Technological Aspects to Support Ebusiness Introduction: For this assignment I am going to compare, contrast and look at the history of two internet giants: Ebay and Amazon.

eBusiness Studies 5N1369

They are two sites that I regularly use, one more so than the other and find both as user friendly as I do interesting. Business Models for Peer to Peer Initiatives Ian MacInnes Center for Business and Government, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, United States [email protected] Whinston and Yin (), for example, focus on the technological aspects.

For them using technology to gather operational information such as the percentage of. Here is the series of papers that examined the eBusiness aspects: Very Black 'Little Black Books' () Web as Syndication Technological Aspects of Internet Crime Prevention (with a team, A number of papers have been published relating to various aspects of electronic support.

Summarise the technological aspects required to support eBusiness, to include the development of web architecture, data transmission, client or server architecture, delivery platforms and networks and Electronic Data Interchange.

Data Quality Challenges in Enabling eBusiness Transformation (Research in Progress) Arie Segev, organizational and technological aspects. It should be infrastructure to support the business objectives and satisfy various performance constraints.

Technological aspects to support ebusiness
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