A look at mathew bradys career as a celebrated artist

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Mathew spent his youth in Saratoga Springs, New York, and became a friend of the painter William Page, who was a student of the painter and inventor Samuel F. You better hold on to that boy! Think of me, in any case, Miss Atheling, as your devoted friend, who claims a right he cannot yet explaincannot yet, I say, ex- plainto be your friend and to serve you.Matthew Morris, a Colorado native, began his career as a makeup artist.

Mathew Brady: His Life and Photographs

With high demand for his celebrated work, it was only natural for Matthew to make the transition into hair styling. With a background in sculpture and design, Matthew found his favorite medium in beauty.

Painter Ransom takes fresh look at Civil War photos by Matthew Brady

Mathew Brady "My greatest aim has been to advance the art of photography and to make it what I think I have, a great and truthful medium of history." - Mathew B.


Mathew Brady: Portraits of a Nation

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Mathew Brady Biography

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Mathew Brady

A look at Lincoln's family through significant photos taken by the Alexander Garder and Mathew Brady throughput his life from his pre-president days to surviving sons after his death. Robert Todd Lincoln at the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial on May 30,

A look at mathew bradys career as a celebrated artist
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